Customized Solutions

Cloud Based Technologies


Media Monitoring Solution

Klipp is a media monitoring solution that enables users to track any mentions of their company, products, brands, and that of their competitors. Klipp tracks keywords connected to a specific topic and aggregates all online and print news content and social media content that mention these keywords and pulls it all into one place.
One of the most important aspects of this app is its ability to collect large amounts of data and transform it into comprehensive media monitoring reports featuring detailed graphs and charts. 


B2B eCommerce Platform

Icos by Unipak is a web solution that includes a comprehensive library of parametric designs with 3D visualization of the structures and the folding sequence. Real-time resize in the browser allows customers to fill in the real dimensions and see the exact structure in few seconds. In addition to live design and customization features, Icos is a complete e-commerce solution that enables customers to place and track their board packaging orders.

Indevco -Unipack

Library Management System

This application is a management system for Taawon public libraries designed to manage all the functions of a library. It helps librarians to maintain the database of new books and the books that are borrowed by members along with their due dates. It also helps librarians to maintain records of the members and the events. This system completely automates all the libraries' activities.


Comprehensive Survey Platform

This web solution is designed to help the Lebanese Ministry of Social Affairs gather all the necessary information related to the Syrian refugees and export the collected data into constructive reports.
It enables the ministry to obtain the number of all Syrian families and individuals residing in Lebanon, to conduct a thorough analysis of the basic demographic, social, economic, professional and educational characteristics of the refugees and finally to determine their urgent and basic needs.

Ministry of Social Affairs